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** SOLD **

This is top on the list of must ban guns by the Brady folks! There is a lot of talk about FN voluntarily stopping import of 5.7 firearms in January. I cannot confirm it but this seems to be the best time to buy.

This IOM variant was produced for a short time and has an M1913 accessory rail, lined trigger-guard front strap, magazine disconnect ("magazine safety"), and taller, adjustable sights. ).

This particular gun was outfitted with specially designed steel adjustable night sights for use with a suppressor. It was also fitted with a threaded Jarvis barrel to attach the Gemtech SFN-57 suppressor. With over $1100 in options on this pistol to make it the as close a setup as fielded by international counter terrorist forces this is the ultimate IOM!

Included with this setup are:

• Original early import IOM pistol with “tall” steel adjustable night sights (designed for suppressed pistols) and a Jarvis barrel fitted with a thread protector. I have owned this pistol since it was new and it has had exactly 100 rounds through it.

• 15 IOM 20 round magazines (3 are still in the factory boxes) and 3 of the original 10 round IOM magazines (for a total of 18 mags!). Most of these have never been loaded or used.

• 750 rounds of factory ammunition, which includes 200 rounds of the SS192 (discontinued in 2003) and 500 rounds of SS195 LF (this is the exact same performance as the SS192 just has a lead free primer). This is $250++ worth of ammo all of a type which is tougher to get.

• Hornady five seven reloading dies which are New in an unopened box.

• Original case, documents, cleaning kit etc.

• Gemtech SFN-57 suppressor with less then 50 rounds through it. This is a $525 can that works quite well on this pistol and is like new in box with all docs and manual.

So if you add it all up:
IOM LNIB $850 +
Adjustable Steel Night Sights $295
Jarvis Barrel $390
15 of the 20rd Mags $450
750 Rounds of 192/195 $250 +
Gemtech SFN-57 Suppressor $530
Hornady Dies $70____________________

This set is worth $2830 but I will toss in the can for FREE!

So, I will ship this entire setup to your dealer (or FTF in the DFW area) for $2300 (and I will pay the 1st NFA transfer fee of $200). :shock:

I can be contacted at: [email protected] or 214-505-3783

For better photos click http://gallery.me.com/hunter_elam#100114

The entire setup! You will not need anything else!

Gun + Can= FUN!

Left Side

Front Sight Close Up

Muzzle Protector

Right Side

Night Sight Pic (BAD camera Good Sights!)

Case and Accessories

NEW in Box Mags!

More Mags!


The dies are still in the wrapper
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