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First, and most importantly, I want to say "thanks!" to the mods for allowing me to sell off a couple of my FN items this week. I have little to contribute to this site in terms of postings, as I've only owned one FNH firearm, and I just sold it here this week. I appreciate the opportunity to sell the last of my items!

After selling my PS90, I have no need for the rounds I had bought. Everything shown was purchased by my since August of 2014. All were kept in military-grade ammo cans in a climate controlled room in my home. The SS197 in the bag is the result of several boxes being damaged in shipment when I made a purchase from a fairly well-known supplier. The SS198 that is shown loose was loaded into mags while I owned the PS90.

There are 1025 rounds total, 825 of which are SS197. The buyer will also receive (upon request), a ziploc bag filled with unprocessed once-fired 5.7 brass at no extra cost.

I am looking for $495 shipped via UPS ground, insured at my expense, in a well-labeled box, to a destination that allows incoming ammo. I will ship within one business day of payment. Payments would be via Paypal (preferred) or USPS money order. If Paypal, please send as "sending $ to friends & family" option, or add $15 to cover fees, and make ZERO comments in your transaction (including shipping info - send that here). Your buyer's protection would not cover you if they knew what you were purchasing anyway.

I will ask for a copy of a Driver's License be emailed or mailed to verify age, as this could qualify as handgun ammo and you should be 21, and I should cover myself on this.

I am including a screen-capture pic below to offer some feedback on myself, as I'm sure very few members here know who I am. I will gladly offer personal contact info to a buyer.

I live & work in the SW Chicago suburbs if a local pickup is preferred, but would only offer a $25 discount if picked up.

Trade options (+/-$):
- Brand new Aimpoint PRO
- Case of 9mm ammo (124gr. or heavier) from Federal, Blazer Brass, Remington, Magtech, Winchester, Speer
- Federal 45D White Box .45 ammo

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