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No shipping
No trades

Location: Jacksonville, FL
I require a bill of sale and proof you are legally able to own firearms.

PSA AK103 folder, no modifications.
Around 100 rounds fired.

Pap m92 pistol made in Serbia.
Around 200 rounds fired.
Primary arms red dot zeroed at 35 yards
Midwest industries quad rail
Adapter (us machine gun brand i think) with a2 flash hider
Very solid folding adaper (usmg brand i think) with folding
sba3 brace
Alg recoil spring (stock spring included too)
Alg akt trigger
Ergo grip

Mags (all sold)
7 steel bulgarian 30 round mags
1 polymer bulgarian 10 round mags
20 pmags 30 round
2 steel mags that came with the pap m92
2 steel romanian 75 round drum mags

Aprox 2450 rounds (all sold)
1000 wolf performance 122gr fmj from russia purchased in 2021. Lot: y781

Wolf 123gr fmj made in ukraine purchased 2015
-2x 20 round boxes
-520 rounds loose (in mags)

124gr fmj golden tiger with sealed case neck and primers. Made in russia.
-160 rounds in 20round boxes
-330 rounds loose (in mags)

Wolf non magnetic 125gr fmj with sealed neck and primers. Made in russia.
400 rounds in boxes

Magna matic defense front sight tool purchased from akou

Everything has been properly stored in safe and ammo cans

$735 for all 2450 rounds.(sold)
$250 for all the mags (sold)
$1000 for the papm92
$950 for the PSA AK103 w sight tool(sold)






Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory


Pics of mags and ammo below
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