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As the title says I have a brand new in box (never been taken out of the shrink wrap) Surefire Kroma Milspec K2MS-BK Flashlight. This isn't your typical flashlight. It has a high and low setting AND low-output flood beams in red, blue, yellow-green AND infrared. It includes all the original accessories that came with it in there respective shrink wrap never opened in the original box. As it has NEVER been used or even opened and not a single mark on it I am asking $325 including shipping and insurance. I am located in Philadelphia, PA. Monocular Auto part Optical instrument Flashlight Tool Monocular Text Font Bumper Label Paper Here is the specs directly from Surefire... Specifications

Output / Runtime -- White Light
High130.0lumens / 1.5 hours*
Low4.0lumens / 20.0 hours
Tactical Runtime**1.5hours
Bezel Diameter1.47inches
Weight w/Batteries5.0ounces
Batteries2123A (included)

Runtime (at highest setting for multiple-output
lights) until output
drops below 50 lumens.


The Kroma[SUP]®[/SUP] MilSpec is a dual-output flashlight
that also provides two distinct beam types and four spectrum choices. Uses a
virtually indestructible power-regulated primary LED and a Total Internal
Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a 4-lumen white low beam or a brilliant
130-lumen white spot beam—more than eight times the light output of a big
two-D-cell flashlight, and enough to temporarily blind and disorient an
aggressor by impairing his night-adapted vision. Secondary LEDs produce
low-output flood beams in red, blue, yellow-green and infrared, letting you
preserve your own night vision (red, blue, and yellow-green), navigate outdoors
without disturbing wildlife (red, which many animals can't see), or provide
invisible illumination for night vision devices (infrared). The no-look selector
ring lets you instantly choose color or IR output. The Kroma's
tactically-correct two-stage pushbutton tailcap switch activates the light:
press for momentary-on in your selected color mode, press further and always get
the high-output white spot beam; twist to get constant-on low beam in your
selected color/IR mode, twist further to select the constant-on high-output
white spot beam.
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