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I have a like new PS90 and Fiveseven tactical load bearing vest made by Robert TheVestGuy.
It has been tried on for fitment but I have not used it as I contracted TheVestGuy for an upgraded vest with more enhancements than this one.
It has been stored since I tried it on as I bought other vests from TheVestGuy.
This was Robert's first PS90 TR Tactical Load Bearing Vest made as I provided the original layout.

Size Large
4 PS90/P90 Magazines
2 Fiveseven Pistol 20rd Magazines
2 Ammo pouches

D Rings for Slings and attachments,
Padded Recoil NonSlip Riflemans Pad
Nylon Duty Belt
Inside pocket for hydration or maps.

$80 Shipped from Indiana
Send me a PM if you want it
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