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Don't over pay for a non chrome lined barrel to put on your SBR project! Buy this barrel from me and get it chopped! Lets face it: if you have a SBR or make one chances of you selling it is slim to none. Why not put a barrel that you most likely never shoot out so it will last a lifetime?

This is a perfect candidate. It is a OEM Belgian PS90 barrel that I personally removed from a new PS90. Class 3 machine, Adco, or Tros cam chop this barrel for you if you decide to sbr your PS90 for a affordable price. Save some $$$ and get a better quality shooter. Heres what a real p90 barrel costs...$800!

FN P90 Barrel

Cash: $175 face to face in the New Orleans area. Shipped add $12.
Trades: night vision stuff, AR criterion barrels, other quality gun parts, weird/rare parts.

Located in the New Orleans area. So if you local lets meet up and make a FTF deal happen!
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