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WTS: Rare Elcan Specter DR SU-230A/PVS (SOCOM version)

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Rare Elcan Specter DR SU-230A/PVS (SOCOM version)

I have the latest issue Elcan Specter DR SU-230/PVS (7.62 calibration) in flat dark earth, restricted and rare military model used by Special Forces, SEALs, Rangers, ect - this optic is the preferred optic in the SOPMOD Block II kit able to fill the role of both the SU-237 ACOG and SU-231 EOTECH as it features a throw lever allowing the operator to use it like a red dot sight at 1x or a scope with 4x magnification. Crystal clear glass and incredible field of view and light gathering ability.

This unit was a special run (MIL-Reticle/FDE Coating) produced and purchased from KERIF Night Vision - Image Intensified Gen 3 Night Vision, Thermal, Goggle, Monoculars, Binoculars, Laser, Aviation, Weaponsights

In new condition, been to the range a couple of times. Great glass, just heavier than I wanted.

Includes optic, original box, lens brush, lens cleaning solution, kill flash, bikini cover, mount for DocOptic, battery, and instruction manual.

Asking $2,100 shipped/insured, will accept PayPal 4% or gift but all fees are on the buyer, certified bank check, or USPS MO.

PM or email me with any questions.

Reasonable offers accepted “No Low-Balling!”

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