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Black Scar 16s lower receiver. The receiver has seen 200 rounds. It will be sold with safety selector, stock pistol grip and front takedown pin. I will offer a brand new Ergo grip, and brand new FN trigger group as extra. Prices as follows:
1. Used FN Scar 16 lower with safety selector, front takedown pin and factory grip: $110 shipped. SOLD
2. Brand new Ergo grip by itself: $25 shipped obo.
3. Brand new (take off) FN trigger group: $50 shipped obo.
6. FN factory rails and parts. (Will not separate) $75 shipped obo. SOLD
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Wood Gun accessory Fashion accessory Bicycle part Metal

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Sorry to interject in the marketplace however IIRC forum rules require a minimum of ten (10) posts before a PM can be sent @homade27 only has four (4).
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