$3400, will partial trade for a bushmaster acr and cash.

Up for sale is a like new scar 17s nrch purchased a few months back. Has 3 mags thru it. In great shape with no signs of wear. The barrel has been cut down and pin and welded with a rugged flashhider to meet the 16" oal. (D Wilson mfg) The gas jet has been changed as well to cycle properly and to reduce recoil. ( 1.35 Runs great). The trademarks have been whited out (can be removed) as well selector area. A few things have been added as well a Geissele trigger, magpul grip, magpul slector switches. I paid $3500 +tax for the rifle alone WITHOUT the extras.

Scar 17s nrch. $3500 +tax.
barrel chop pin/weld. $270
pmm magpul miad (modified to fit scar) grip. $70
Magpul selector switches. $20
Super scar trigger. $250