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WTS - New in Box Glock 23
Factory Night Sights - Less than 2yrs old
Extended Slide Stop
Birdsong's Black T Finish on Slide/Barrel
Grip Plug
2 13rd Magazines

I also have used FML magazines in good condition that I can add to a sale/trade:
3 Glock 22 15rd Magazines
1 Glock 22 10rd Magazine
2 Glock 23 13rd Magazines
1 Glock 23 10rd Magazine

Located in NW IN

Information on the finish - www.snipercentral.com/birdsong.htm

"Black-T is specifically singled out as the required finish on the weapons from numerous government agencies around the world, including the FBI's HRT rifles and 1911's"

"Another feature of the finish is that it needs no lubrication, and is even recommended NOT to use oil or other lubricants on internal parts"

"An independent testing committee quit the salt test spray after 7464 hours because there was no sign at all of corrosion and they felt they were wasting their time and wouldn't see any for a long time. The finish also has 50,000 hours of US Navy use with no corrosion"

New Glock? ~$480-500
Night Sights? ~$75
Finish? ~$60 + Shipping Both Ways ($20+$20)

$600 for the gun/box and two 13rd magazines
$685 for the gun and 9 magazines

Prefer FTF in IN, but if you pay shipping it's yours.

I will accept trades + or - cash
HK P30
Glock 19
Glock 34
9mm Ammunition
Sig Sauer P250
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