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Hey all,

I have a PS3 that just isnt getting any use, and is taking up space at the moment.

Its a first gen 60 gig, so that means it has wireless, is backwards compatible to PS1 and PS2 games, and it has a blueray player. CECHA is the model type, if you want to double check through sources. This model is no longer being made, all the newer ones have lower operating specs to drop prices.

Cosmetic Condition - Has some scratching and wear on the case, but doesnt look horrible. Can get some pics if you really care about the cosmetic finish.

Function - Functions 100%, has had no issues that I can tell with uptime, running games, or bluerays.

Contents of Package
1 - 60 gb PS3 (Will have hard drive cleared)
1 - Power Cords
1 - RGB (Red Green Blue) Cables
1 - SISAXIS Controller (Wireless)
1 - Charge Cable for Controller (A universal USB Cable, same as what many digital cameras use)
1 - Game - Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Game & Case)
1 - Game - Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Game, Case, & Manual)
1 - Game - Grand Theft Auto IV (Game, Case & Manual)
1 - Game - Assassins Creed (Game, Case)
1 - Game - Army of Two (Game, cant find case at moment. Will include if I can find it)

Price of Package -
I would like 450, Plus shipping CONUS. Shipping odds are will be in the 20-25 dollar range, will be Insured and Delivery Confirmation, adult signature on request.

I am open to trades on -
Dedicated .22 LR Uppers for AR 15
Uppers for AR - 15 in other calibers
AR 15 Lower Parts Kits
Sig 226 Slide (Internals helpful, but not 100%)
Black Dog .22 Magazines
Sig Mosquito Magazines
Other AR Parts and Accessories, No muzzle devices at this time.

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