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I am entertaining trades on my Custom AR10 6.5 Creedmoor. Prefer a Scar but open to other trades as well.
JD Machine Billet upper and lower receiver $650
McGowan 26" stainless fluted barrel $460
Duracoating in FDE $300
Magpul PRS stock $250
CMMG MK3 bolt carrier group $240
Battle Comp 2.0 muzzle break $220
Troy industries 13" Bravo battle field free float rail $210
GG&G XDS bipod $180
CMMG Lower parts kit $120
Trigger job polished to 3.5lbs $75
DPMS grip $45
Gas block $70
Charging handle with extender $65
Little acc IE gas tube, buffer spring $50
2-20 round magpul mags $40
All this equals $2975. That's not including any cost/ fees for assembly etc. Just parts to build this rifle.
all FFL rules apply. FFL to FFL transfer required and payments accepted through PayPal. Email me at [email protected]

Location Central, Louisiana


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