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Hi all! I'm looking to unload my PS90 for an HK USC. I'd prefer the black model but a gray one would be fine. Here is the skinny on my PS90:

-Bought new back in fall '08 (not sure of production date, sorry)
-Black stock
-Low round count (250)
-4 50 round mags
-USG Iron sight rail (still have the factory optic sight)
-Promoted Pawn side rail
-Promoted Pawn sight adjustment tool
-450 rounds blue-tip 5.7x28mm ammo
-Original boxes for all FN upgrades & weapon
-Ejector port lined with felt to prevent marring
-Awesome shape

No pics yet but can take some if requested.

If you have an interesting trade, I might consider it (prefer no more pistols, unless you have an HK SOCOM Mark 23).

Thanks for looking!
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