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XS Tactical Lever Forend

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You guys should check out www.xssights.com for their Tactical Lever forend for Marlin's lever action rifles. I might just have to get me either a 30-30 or .308 lever action Marlin. Lever actions are just plain cool, and since Winchester might not make lever actions anymore, Marlins at the top.
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Here is my venison tool in .30-30

I traded my old winchester for it. The winchester was lighter and prettier but not very safe. (no safety, hammer can cock accidentally, have to carefully lower the hammer after loading- can slip with cold fingers- goes bang, embarrasses you and scares the deer away)

This marlin is safer and has the mount you are talking about. It was a bit of a pain to install. I had to file the mount to make it fit. It works well.

is that one of those new polish made rifles? i will have to get one for my Father in law
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