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XS Tactical Lever Forend

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You guys should check out www.xssights.com for their Tactical Lever forend for Marlin's lever action rifles. I might just have to get me either a 30-30 or .308 lever action Marlin. Lever actions are just plain cool, and since Winchester might not make lever actions anymore, Marlins at the top.
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Did you notice the picatinny forend? I can see myself mounting a grip, surefire light and a C-more red-dot sight to it 8)
I might get the 44mag/spl sometime in the future. There's nothing like the sound of a lever action feeding a new round into the chamber!!!!! Other than racking a shottie!!!!! :? The Marlin I had, before I sold her, was always drawing attention at the range, even from guys who had AK's, AR's and so forth. I sold her to get a new FNP 40 which is a plus since it would've required more work(money) for my Marlin to get her the way I wanted. With the new Marlin's its much easier from what I hear.
That reminds me shipwreck, check out Hornadys new LeveRevolution ammo for 357/44 magnum. It can be used in both lever actions and revolvers!!!!!!
Well, if the democrats have their way and ban "assault" rifles, I would invest in Marlin.lol. Because then all these criminals will be using lever actions and the stupid democrats might outlaw those too. And if they do ban lever actions, John Wayne would roll over twice in his grave.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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