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Just got thru buying 13 more FSn mags for a total of 30 (not including CMMG extensions) for three pistols. My policy is to have a minimum of two loadouts for every defensive semi-auto firearm. For pistols, a loadout is one mag in the pistol, four mags spare mags on my person. For concealed carry I would have two spare mags on my person.

In the past 3 months I have spent about $2K on filling in my mag inventory due to new 10+ mag ban in Orygun - I have 270+ total mags, somewhere between $7K-$8K invested in mags alone. Hopefully the mag ban and permit requirement will get struck down in court, but yes, one can never have too many mags. They get worn out, dinged up and lost. So acquire and keep at least 2X of what you think you need.
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