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Zoo Blushes at Parrot's Cusses


Published: Today
A PARROT is ruffling feathers at a zoo by telling visitors to “f*** off”.

Max the African Grey was donated by a previous owner who got fed up with his chatter.

The five-year-old also mimics car alarms and mobile phone ringtones.

Keeper Peter Hansom at South Park birdhouse in Darlington, Co Durham, blamed local school-children for teaching Max the obscenity.

He said: “He’s a bright chap and easily picked it up. There’s no knowing when he’ll blurt it out. I hold my breath when parents stand with small children at his cage.

“Sometimes he will just say ‘hello’ or ‘bye’ but as often as not it’s ‘f*** off’.

“It’s usually when people are walking away and least expect it.

“His favourite trick is to stick his head in a tin cup in his cage and then swear. He seems to know it makes a louder sound.”

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